Weekend Writing Course

 The Writing Workshop

Let Creativity Blossom

An immersive weekend creative writing workshop with interactive discussions, somatic, sensorial, and observational exercises, multiple writing prompts, sharing of writing, and feedback. Perfect for beginners to stretch their writing muscles and grow.

This is the Perfect Beginner Workshop to stretch your writing muscles and grow with the workshop process.

Takeaways for Participants

  • Discussions on elements of the creative process, from harnessing one’s observations, and imagination, to the structuring thoughts and ideas, the importance of writing routines, and more
  • Immersive exercises for self-awareness, heightened observation, creative silence, and shaping the creative chaos
  • Writing to prompts
  • Sharing writing with the group, offering and receiving feedback
  • Revision and editing
  • Follow up mentoring and support

Who Should Join

  • Anyone and everyone can relish this experience – not just those who write/wish to write
  • Particularly suited to closet writers in need of greater confidence and affirmation
  • Writers who feel stuck or alone and are struggling at this point with their writing
  • Those aspiring to submit work to magazines and publishers
  • Those who want to give voice to a cause or issue close to their heart through writing and storytelling

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Still having queries? Write to us at weekendworkshop@writeandbeyond.com for more details.

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