``I really enjoyed last Sunday’s workshop. You were a great facilitator! And it was just wonderful to spend a day with a handful of such smart, sensitive, thoughtful, and independent-minded women. Hope to do it again, sometime.``

Usha Alexander

Author, The Legend of Virinara & Only the Eyes Are Mine

``My association with Write & Beyond has been most gratifying. So happy to have contributed to Escape Velocity as a co-author with my short story, The Deluge. Working with Kiranjeet and the rest of the team was a wonderfully enriching experience. One that I would certainly recommend to every budding writer.``

Vanessa Ohri

Theatre Personality, poet and author.

``The first ever creative writing workshop I attended was with Write & Beyond in 2015, in the sylvan surroundings of Zorba the Buddha. I have since attended multiple writing workshops, but the first one will always be special, because that is where my writing journey began. Kiran and Kanchana have a very structured yet flexible and inclusive method to their workshops and the W&B Group on Facebook is where some of my pieces have found their first loving home. The latest workshop with Sumana Roy was very fulfilling indeed and is again special for me because that is where my first-ever published poem was born.``

Sudha Chandrashekhar

French Teacher, Writer & Accountant

``Though I had started blogging earlier, it was Kiranjeet's creative writing workshop that truly set me on the path of my self-discovery as a writer. The seeds that were sown on that winter morning eventually bore fruit in the shape of my first book and later to my pursuit a full time MFA program. What probably sets her workshops apart are her organic methods that allow the participants to look inwards and explore the possibilities. Kiranjeet is doing an amazing job with her Write & Beyond initiative where readers and writers congregate and share wisdom. When it comes to writing, I consider her my second guru (first being my mum). In a world that is looking for instant success, her passion and purity of intent is rare and extremely inspiring. ``

Dr. Shivani Salil

Writer, Author (Hiraeth- Partition stories from 1947), Ex Assistant Prof, Department of Microbiology, Seth GSMC & KEMH, Mumbai.

``I really enjoyed the session with Write & Beyond - and it was wonderful to meet you after all these years of online interaction! The somatic breathing that we did at the start made me realise how disconnected I often am from my body. I’m not sure if it was the re-establishing of that connection, however tenuous it felt, or the essays we read later that lit my writing from within. I had no idea I could write the way I did! Overall, I found the session valuable and insightful, especially since I’ve been wanting to learn the art of writing a personal essay.``

Shinjini Mehrotra

Artist, Editor

``It was a balmy winter morning when I walked into the world of Write & Beyond. And just like the soft warmth of the Sunday sun and soothing sips of masala chai, the group instantly made me feel snug and comfortable. Then followed a series of gatherings that ranged from pure fun times to serious discussions that lasted well into the night, to editorial meets that cleared many cobwebs of thought and literary style. All culminating in an anthology of short stories, wonderful new friends and the assurance of a platform that will always be there to hold your hand and walk with you through your creative journey! And what a great captain of this ship you are, Kiranjeet Chaturvedi ! ``

Ruby Kapoor

PR Professional, Theatre Personality & Writer

``My writing journey began with a workshop. I had been writing in fits and starts and wondered if I would ever finish a book. Publishing it was a pipe dream. I read a lot, but I knew that that was not all it took to write and write well. I was grumbling about this, when my better half told me that he had secured a place for me in a weekend workshop at Zorba The Buddha in 2015. I walked in, willing to learn or unlearn as the case may be.

There were about twelve of us, all unknown that first day. After the introduction, some small talk and some basic rules, we went straight into prompt writing. Reading aloud what you have written in front of a bunch of strangers is not for the faint-hearted. But we all did, one after the other and then spoke at length about what we liked about the other’s work. We all became each other's support with that one activity.

As a mentor at the workshop, Kiran and Kanchana made sure that we were made aware of all aspects of writing and publishing. There were discussions, writing exercises, talks with published authors. A publisher explained how a manuscript becomes a published book.

So, armed with what I had learnt, I began writing the story that had been bubbling inside me. It took nine months for the first draft to be ready. And another nine months for the book to be published by Readomania. They have gone on to publish my second book and I hope the third one too will be out before the end of this year.

I cannot thank the universe enough that I found Write & Beyond at the time I did. I have made some endearing friends through them, who have enriched my life beyond measure.

I wish Write & Beyond great success always.

Keep impacting lives! ``

Harshali Singh

Author, Consumer Court Judge, Educator

``If I have the confidence to share my work through peer discussions and submissions, I only have Write & Beyond to thank for providing that receptive space. Kiran is key in facilitating a cohesive ecosystem of support and nurturing by bringing together budding writers, many of whom happily spill over into my life as friends. In addition to this what has enriched my experience is discovering the nuances of the craft of writing via workshops and discussions with noted writers. For anyone wanting to discover the writer in them, I would highly recommend this space.``

Ilakshee Bhuyan Nath

Writer, TV & Radio Presenter, Corporate Trainer

``Write & Beyond provided the right environment where I could sow and nurture the possibility of becoming a writer. I interacted with many fellow aspiring writers in this otherwise solitary journey, some as clueless as me, some well versed with the craft and know-how of the publishing industry, all coming together with the thread of love for words and the desire to express. The group thus became a constant motivation for me to write and participate in writing contests. I have learnt a lot on the way and slowly the clouds of doubts moved away to reveal to me the light within. It is a blessing to have found this space and no matter where I go, I would always be grateful to Write & Beyond for holding my hand in this journey. ``

Manmeet Narang

Author, Facilitator, Founder Sailing Leaf.

``When I first met Kiranjeet Chaturvedi and got to know about Write & Beyond, I did not have either courage to admit that I loved to write or the confidence to share my work with others. I attended several workshops conducted by Kiran and several well-known, much published authors, where I got to interact with them and got to know of their struggles and learnings in the writing process. In Write & Beyond I found an entire community of writers of different age groups and background who came together for their love for writing. This was the first forum where I shared my work and could finally receive constructive criticism with confidence and grace. It was also with some of these writers here that my writing was published for the very first time. I am grateful to Kiran and the Write & Beyond community for their part in kick starting my writing journey.``

Kavita Bhashyam Jain

Writer, Former Banker

I attended two WB workshops over the past few years - the first, when I hesitantly stuck a toe out of my comfort zone to gingerly explore putting my writing 'out there.' The second, when I was wondering how to make a cohesive whole out of all the bits and pieces that I had written over the years. The WB community and the workshops helped me understand that writing is both a challenge and a gift, and that firming up my internal rhythm and language will help me mess with the elements of the craft. It helped me tune in with the way stories, novellas, and novels are written. Meeting other published authors, hearing about their writing journeys, and learning from the charming Devapriya Roy helped me discern the kind of writing that was natural to me. The best part? It inspired me to sit down and write.``

Rajeshwari Prakash

Entrepreneur, Publishing Professional, Writer.

``Shabd, the writing program from Write & Beyond was my first connect with the world of writing. One may call it serendipity, as sometime in the mid of 2017, I had chanced upon a FB post on a friend's timeline. The post was from Kiranjeet about an upcoming course for new writers wanting to work on their craft and polish it for more nuanced writing. Shabd proved to be an exceptional learning experience for me. It helped me find my ‘writing voice’ as well as understand what is meant by 'reading as a writer'. Going that extra mile with their attention to detail and personal touch, both Kiranjeet and Devapriya truly made it brilliant.

Since then, I have had the privilege of being a part of many thoughtfully structured and beautifully designed programs from Write & Beyond on an array of writing elements across genres, including an introduction to poetry, and the finer points of language and grammar as well as editing – every one of these is highly recommended for anyone serious about working on their craft. In 2018, with Kiranjeet at the helm of things, the coming together of 13 Write & Beyond writers for bringing out the anthology, Escape Velocity was simply overwhelming, a project which will always be special for all of us who were a part of it. Here's wishing Write & Beyond new heights and many milestones while helping writers explore the magical world of writing.``

Anjali Gurmukhani Sharma

Writer, India Lead-Education, Charter for Compassion

``Write & Beyond ‘s memoir workshop is one of the first writing classes that I’d attended way back in 2016. The course was conducted by Devapriya Roy and Write & Beyond creator, Kiranjeet Chaturvedi. What I loved about the workshop was the way it encouraged us to write from our own experiences and how it introduced me to writers whose works continue to inspire and educate me. I learned the importance of including specific details in narratives, the significance of both showing and telling, how to dig deep into my mind to find those apparently ordinary yet significant moments that could enrich and elevate my stories. Though the class was on memoir writing, I found these techniques to be immensely helpful in writing fiction, as well. Since then, I've taken a few other courses and workshops (currently, I’m an MFA student at Writers' Village University); the lessons I learned at W&B were some of the most important ones that I continue to study and explore in my own writing. In 2018, I was honoured to be one of the contributors for the anthology, “Escape Velocity”, published by W&B. Since I mostly write fiction, the experience of writing an essay, editing and revising it, trying to find the threads to make it connect to the readers’ sensibilities, were some of my learnings from the journey. W&B is a warm, encouraging community, where writers of all skill levels will find something valuable to take away. I highly recommend it to all writers, especially to those who are too afraid to write, have taken a break from writing, or are at the onset of their writing journeys.``

Kasturi Patra

Writer, MFA Student, Former Financial Analyst

``The idea of writing has always appealed to me. There are thoughts and stories brimming inside my head all the time…I do enjoy writing but am always looking to be led. A writing workshop came calling just at the right time six years ago. Quite typical of myself, my first reaction was resistance. I thought to myself, “what will someone be able to tell you, that you are not already aware of?” But something pushed me from within because I had been reading reviews and some thoughts of the person who was organizing it. ‘Write & Beyond’ to me is Kiranjeet, the force that keeps inspiring many of us to write. Kiran brings with her a very academic approach. The workshops curated by her have a quality that appeal to me.

In six years, I have attended three workshops by Devapriya Roy, Saikat Majumdar and Sumana Roy, who are all academics in English literature. Each one of them brought a unique style. Despite being writers of such amazing caliber, one thing common to all was how gently they nudged the participants. And so, after we wrote a small piece at the end of the workshop, they would read through the work, point out better ways to make it more effective. Their evaluation and acknowledgement were invaluable.

Thanks, Kiranjeet. You facilitate something that is wonderful…and that is needed for each of us to not only find our voice but to also like it.``

Jaya Dayal

Aesthetics Researcher, Bharatnatyam Dancer, Former Psychologist,

``My writing journey had started with WB. Before that my pieces were mere fragments of thoughts which were all over the place. Under Kiran's mentorship, I got several opportunities to unlearn, learn and relearn the art of writing and reading. During the workshops, I met people from all walks of life, and each conversation led to a story. I am blessed for sure, as she could hear my strong voice between the impaired sentences. Thank you so much Kiran and WB for helping me create my niche in this dynamic world of writers and their writing. I have always felt respected and accepted at WB.``

Annu Anand

Entrepreneur, Library Consultant, Writer.

``I attended the very first writing workshop by WB in 2015 (the one in Tikli Bottom), and have attended many since then and continue to be a huge WB fan. I always was, am and may remain a closet writer, as far as my non-professional writing goes, but I have only emerged enriched, fulfilled after these WB workshops. Not only have I forged great friendships, and my ideas have got wings to fly, to break free. I have found my own voice, and felt thrilled to have discovered stories I didn’t know I held in myself. These workshops offer energizing conversations, tips galore on writing techniques, a well thought through books’ recommendation, and whether you are a new entrant or old hand, there is something for everyone. Eagerly look forward to the next one I can attend.``

Rashmi Singh

PR Consultant & Happy Closet Writer

``Writing is a lonely navigation through not only one's inner webs of multifarious thoughts but also to look for the finest ways of articulating them. Write & Beyond provides the much-needed platform to help unravel a lot of concepts that can overwhelm a new writer. Be it through knowledgeable and encouraging mentors or engaging and useful discussions, it helped me assimilate nuances of walking the tightrope that is creative writing. And I did make some great friends for life! I can safely say that Write & Beyond is one of the best things that happened to me as a writer.``

Dinakshi Arora

Writer, Poet

``My journey with Write & Beyond started when I joined their eight week memoir course conducted by Kiranjeet Chaturvedi and Devapriya Roy. I was skeptical whether it would help me learn anything. The numerous readings, the guest lectures by authors and weekly assignments all managed to drive my doubt and ignorance away. Realization dawned that we all have a story to tell. Under the able guidance of Kiranjeet, I have been able to hone my skills and confidence so much so, that I was featured in the national daily ‘Hindustan Times’. The solid support of like-minded people of the workshop and gentle nudges from our mentor has helped me grow as a writer. This is a place you need to join to realize just why and how writing can be a beautiful journey. This is the place where I found my ‘voice’.``

Farah Naaz

Lawyer, Budding Writer

``I sincerely thank ‘Write and Beyond’ to take me into the world of writing, where I had never stepped in before. It was a beautiful experience. When I walked in, I was childlike, very curious, excited, very observant of everyone – the gestures, the body-language, the looks, just to know what are writers look and act like. In my mind I was the only non-writer present there hence my self-consciousness was at a peak. But once the programme began, I was quickly at ease. So many interesting conversations flowed naturally, different perceptions were aired and heard, different reactions to ideas emerged, very intriguing topics fet most natural and normal to discuss, I found so much depth, so much meaning, so much creative thinking and much to learn, throughout. I had been nursing a desire in my heart that someday I shall be able to write for myself, that I will be able to give words to my thoughts, my expressions, my experiences. Write & Beyond gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore that dream, and let me enter the writing world.``

Shefali Jain

Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur

I was rather hesitant to attend the writing workshop for younger writers by Write & Beyond, when my mother suggested it. However, the environment fostered during the session had me scribbling away as I tried to make sense of the ideas pouring into my head. The workshop consisted of writing sessions, read-aloud sessions, introspection and feedback sessions. With each of those sessions and the encouraging words I changed track from hesitation to confidence and realized, I too could write! The workshop has given me the confidence to explore and follow my ideas on paper.

Abhisri Nath


I feel so fortunate to have found Write & Beyond and all the teachings, pointers and help on how to write more effectively, and to harness the many stories I have gathered. Even though I

am not a professional writer, attending these workshops has helped me in many ways. I learnt how to articulate better. How to be able to pen my thoughts in a lucid way. I am an avid traveler and want to share all my travel stories with world. Write & Beyond has given me the confidence that I can do it, and that I should do it. I have appreciated the individual attention and hand-holding available for budding authors and the tailormade guidance at every step. I wish you and Write & Beyond all the best in all future endeavors.

Sumeet Chugh

Wild-Life Photographer, Chartered Accountant