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What We Are:

  • Write & Beyond is an ecosystem where authors find engaged readers, and readers find authors, and together we share and learn about reading and writing well.
  • Our unique process of sustained guidance from peers and mentors helps aspiring and emerging writers build their creative writing skills through various kinds of workshops, courses and events.
  • The Write & Beyond Magazine and Write & Beyond Books publishing imprint are unique publishing platforms built on the workshop concept. Detailed feedback and revisions are part of the creative development and publishing process for all that we publish.

Who We Are:

Our executive team is a mix of readers, writers, entrepreneurs, and editors, supported and guided by our mentor advisors who are popular authors and leading literary figures.

What Can You Expect From Us:

  • Learn to read and write with more panache, rigour, effectiveness and impact.
  • Achieve greater self-awareness as a creative person, acquire better literary and language skills.
  • Connect with like-minded readers and writers online and in real events and discussions, and build confidence and find writing and reading peers.
  • Publish with us in our magazine or as an author of a book – via our workshop publishing model  click here.

Why People Love Us

  • OUR ETHOS: Care and intimacy, taking time to listen, to pay attention
  • OUR LOVE OF LITERARY CULTURE:  Besotted with reading and writing as life essentials
  • OUR COMMUNITY: 5000 plus online participants, hundreds of real time interactions, and scores of wonderfully talented and committed mentors.
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Write & Beyond Group curates a wide range of writing and writing news from across the world on Facebook, with the focus on helping our community learn, grow and relish the world of words. It is also where we make event announcements and carry on conversations about reading, writing and books.

If you sense the nervous thrill of wanting to write and don’t’ know where and how to start. If you find yourself restless and frustrated, unsure that the words you write are good enough. If you wish there was a safe, friendly, non-judgemental, non-competitive space to grow, to find like-minded new writers you could connect with; especially if you write for personal creative growth rather than public approval, or to be on-trend.

Come be a part of the Write & Beyond the community, and take your writing to the next level.

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