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About Write & Beyond Books

We are a small e-publishing imprint at present, and we are open to reading submissions of original fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. We are specially interested in lesser known and oft-silenced stories at the margins of the quotidian. Above all, we are keen to promote an attitude of care in thought, in ideation, and in conversation, through the writing we publish. We would like to help create literature of care.

We use the workshop model of writing development for our books and magazine articles, and are thus able to support many more amateur writers in this collaborative process.

Being a niche platform, we offer a small but discerning readership for our publications, and also promise a greater share of royalties on book sales to our authors.

How Are We Different?

  • Ours is a boutique e-book imprint, with a community of readers and writers connected to us.
  • We are extremely particular about editing, book design and production values.
  • We believe first in the emotional truth of stories we publish. That said, we are also very particular about the quality of writing we publish. 
  • We work closely with our authors through the process of the book being written, edited and published.
  • We take the term author royalties more literally and promise very rewarding partnerships with our authors.

How Can We Help You?

You can write us a query letter and a synopsis of your manuscript or discuss a concept with us at If we like what you have to say, we will ask to read a few chapters/ full MS. We do not charge for publishing with us.

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