Submission Guidelines

Magazine Submission Process, Requirements and Rules:

We publish original creative writing (fiction, non-fiction, poetry) under three main categories in our magazine.


  • Advisedly – This is writing that has been found ready to meet the world by our team of literary advisors, often with their editorial inputs on the original submission. Our version of the ‘Critics Choice’ if you will.


  • Verge – Writing that has moved and charmed us with its honesty and emotional truth, though it hasn’t quite met the literary benchmarks of our advisors. Our version of the ‘Popular Choice’ .


  • By Invitation – This section features author interviews and other pieces we have commissioned or invited an author to write for us, that are independent of the selection process for ‘Advisedly’ or ‘Verge.’

Note that above all, we suggest a thorough reading of an issue of the magazine to see what we’re all about and the kind of writing that works for us.

General guidelines for submitting your work to us:

    • We follow a system of rolling submissions as well as occasional themed calls, so send us your writing any time of the year, and also when we send out a specific call with a deadline.
    • All submissions must be in a Microsoft Word document, in Times Roman font size 12, with double spacing, and attached to an email, and may have up to 100 words about the context or background or any other sort of introduction to the writing. An author introduction should be added as a separate section at the end of the piece being submitted, preferably within 50 words.
    • We accept only original writing that has not been published anywhere before, not even as a Facebook post or a blog. All copyrights remain with the author when they submit to us and when they are published by us in our magazine.
    • Works of prose (fiction or nonfiction) may be roughly within 700 to 1500 words and poetry should be no more than a single word doc page for any one piece. We accept multiple submissions under all heads by a writer.
    • Author interviews may be suggested by a writer as well as commissioned by us, and are not subject to a tight word count and can be between 2000 to 3000 words.
    • All original creative pieces of writing submitted to us and shortlisted by us go on for final selection and review to our mentor advisors. We respond within 24 hours about whether it is in consideration for the mentors’ shortlist. If selected, it either goes straight for publication in the section we call ‘Advisedly’ or it comes back to you with some suggestions for revision. If you do revise and the mentors accept the revision, the piece gets published under the ‘Advisedly’ section.  Else, if it appeals to us despite some of the mentors’ reservations, we might place it in the section we call ‘Verge’. Else, it will be returned to you with a note about what worked for us and what did not. Please submit to us only if you agree with this process of engagement, feedback, revision, and editing before publishing.
    • The wait for actual publication after the mentor feedback and revisions can be longer than a few weeks; we request you to be patient for up to a month or so.
    • With our magazine, we are looking at fostering writing that sparkles with the spirit of care in tone and content, is deeply personal, refreshingly creative, and open-minded.  Given our process – of mentors’ feedback and suggested revisions, we especially encourage new and emerging writers to write for us.
    • We would rarely entertain writing that is mostly declamatory or rhetorical in style, though we believe that the personal is, of course, political, and welcome all such explorations.


Submissions must be previously unpublished and be:

  1. Emailed to us at Please use Times New Roman (12 points), with double spacing.
  2. Fiction: 700 to 1500 words (Max. 2 stories per issue).
  3. Poetry: (Max. 4 poems per issue) no longer than a single page of an MSWord page each.
  4. Creative Nonfiction: a maximum of 2000 words. (Max. 2 articles per issue)
  5. Author interviews can be submitted or pitched to us and can be up to 3000 words.
  6. Photography & Illustrations may be submitted to go with a piece if they are the writer’s own and original work.