About The Magazine


The Write & Beyond Magazine of creative writing had been a cherished dream that found itself taking shape in the times of a global pandemic and national lockdown due to Covid 19. Perhaps it was the unmooring from familiar routines, the sudden pause on the usual, the unpreparedness for the way the world had tuned stranger than we ever imagined, that made us reckless enough to go ahead with a project we were not sure we knew how to handle. The dream of a magazine where new worlds still seemed possible, and our imagination still help power, seemed just the place we wished to be in. So we took a chance and started work.

Every date we set for the project’s  milestones turned meaningless one after another, and after a point we simply stopped looking at calendars and schedules and kept doing what we could, and to let be what we could do nothing about.

To the usual challenges of creativity, time management, harnessing material resources and skills, illness, natural disasters, ‘acts of god’, technical delays and financial upsets that befall all projects at all times, we had the added complications of a global pandemic, a national lockdown, more illness, more bereavements, personal and societal loss and sorrow, more ‘acts of god’, and work overload for some of our team and work and monetary loss for some of our  friends and family.

To be able to publish and share this magazine with the world while so much is unsettled fills us with intense gratitude.

We are deeply and forever grateful to our contributors and our WB community for staying with us throughout. We are extremely touched by the grace and faith shown in our dream by our advisors Saikat Majumdar, Sumana Roy and Kanchana Banerjee, who have offer valuable feedback to our contributing writers.

The ‘Advisedly’ section of the magazine features writings that have passed muster with them as robust work. ‘Verge’ is the space for writing that we love for its freshness and honesty, and that shows literary and creative potential which hasn’t been yet quite fully realised as per our mentors.’ By Invitation’ holds writing that we have asked guest authors to contribute especially for a specific issue.

Our intent with this magazine is to encourage and curate honest, original, thought-provoking and thoughtful, empathic written works that are enjoyable, meaningful and memorable for our readers. We encourage intelligent writing that embodies the spirit of care, and is written with care.

We feel very thankful for the contribution of all our writers, executive team and advisors that has made this project possible. Your patience through protracted editorial feedback and revisions and then the technical glitches and delays of publication have meant the difference to us between carrying on and giving up. To everyone reading, we hope our magazine offer you an oasis of restful pause and heartfelt connection in a world turned uncertain in unexpected ways.

We plan to bring out quarterly editions of the magazine from its March 2021 issue, and are eagerly looking forward to working with more writers and reaching more readers.

Our Vision

To be a joyful, caring platform to nurture and share quality creative writing, especially (but not only) for amateur writers.

Our Team

We are delighted and thankful to have the kind support of a wonderful group of writers and professionals from the world of education, publishing and business on our team as advisors, mentors and guides.

Still feel any queries? Get connected with us at: submissions@writeandbeyond.com, info@writeandbeyond.com.

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