Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Ask Questions

No, you can join us online and participate in our conversations, follow our work
and gain from our many free activities and events. Joining a paid course is purely
to be decided by you, your choice as per your needs and capabilities.

We have a multi-layered process of acceptance of writing for our magazine. If at the first reading we do not find creative merit and original content in a piece, it will usually be directly sent back with a polite refusal. In case we accept it at this first screening, it then goes to our mentor advisors for their screening. At this level, the writer can expect detailed and careful feedback with the intent of helping them revise and rework their piece to make something even better and more robust out of it. If they chose to do so, then their revised piece is again submitted to the advisors, after which it will either be selected for the ‘Advisedly’ category which holds all the mentor selected writing, or it may be selected for the ‘Verge’ category which holds writing that our advisors feel could have still been worked on some more, but which we are have enjoyed and would like to support. In the rare instance that the piece does not find a place in either of these sections, We would not be able to have it in the magazine and it would inform you of the same.

Not necessarily; that is not always so. We publish work on its own merit and fit with our publishing goals/ themes.

No, we do not offer editing or proofreading services for work not being published by us.

No, we do not pay contributors to our magazine as yet.

In case we like your ms and decide to publish it ( ebooks only at present) we as the publisher will work out a royalties share with you.

Copyright remains with the writer for all pieces accepted for our magazine.

The copyright belongs to the publisher, which is Write &Beyond. The author gets a share of royalties from book sales.