Configurations in Free Verse

While one eye regards it, with the other
you squeeze shut the world around.
Within it, forms huddle,
then dart
into transient patterns and
scatter again,
as you keep turning it
to arrest the shape from
an instant ago.
But now there are other visions instead:
dazzling, fleeting, fragrant.
Its architecture is precise—
a tilt, just so,
conjures certain constellations.
The light you bring to it
too decides what meets the eye.
Sometimes, all you hear
are muffled, faraway sounds;
you can’t taste anything—no form, no beauty.
At other times, you find
that holding it all together are
mirrors beside mirrors beside mirrors
carrying snatches of your selves, peering
into a chamber of remote echoes.
And so its meaning is forever kept in motion:
whether a poem, or a kaleidoscope.



—for Aditi, and her gifts of thoughtfulness

Rituparna Sengupta

Rituparna Sengupta writes and translates all sorts of things, including reviews of books and films, creative verse and prose, academic and personal essays, Facebook posts, and a PhD dissertation in Literature at IIT Delhi .

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