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About Escape Velocity

A unique collection of contemporary short stories by a group of thirteen women writers, that were ideated and polished through a series of write & beyond workshops, curated and facilitated by Kiranjeet Chaturvedi and guided by Devapriya Roy and Saikat Majumdar.

  • Accessible and relatable stories
  • Written by people with everyday lives and concerns just like most urban middle-class readers
  • Themes that touch all of us, and make us pause, reflect, feel seen and heard and known
  • Varied settings across India, with plenty of local flavor

Paperbook: Rs. 350 | Amazon Book is available here.

There was not a single story in this collection that I didn’t like, but some I outright loved. A very good collection of stories, and very readable.

Madhulika Liddle

What is really admirable is the confidence with which these women write, perhaps because they write about what is close to their hearts.

Anjuly Mathai

Some of the best pieces of writing I have ever found in any anthology. Great job.

Arka Datta

All great art is an endless tension between the alien and the familiar, a tension impossible to resolve. The ongoing synergy of this struggle creates the entropy for fiction...Here are stories that will draw you into a world you know. And then, when you are not looking, shock you into the spell of the beautiful and the dangerous. For those of you about to dip into them for the first time, I'm jealous of the treat that awaits you.

Saikat Majumdar

It's a nice medly of stories with myriad emotions and each story brings out the meaning in such subtle yet well defined way. It's a treat to read every story. Great job!

Dr Maitreyee Joshi

Particularly the story SITA'S CHOICE by MEGHA CONSUL hooked me till the last word and lingered beyond. A book that holds promises of being a Reader's Delight.

Priyanka Shee

A fantastic anthology of short stories. All the authors have done a wonderful job! So much thought has gone into each of the stories! A must-read!

Kindle Customer

I purchased the book in Gurgaon. It's difficult to believe that this a work by first time authors. Each story is wonderfully crafted and narrative taken through to gently peal off the layers in the stories. I enjoyed every story and each of them deals with a different theme, making it a great bouquet of variety. Very good work. I hope to read more from the pen of the contributing authors.

Kanchana Banerjee