When I closed the door of my home
sunlight descended leaving me alone

I threw myself in his corner
and left the other three alone

The entire house watched me
As I folded a faded saree alone

He left like a puff from a cigarette
Still he breathes in me alone

Those silvery nights spent with him
brought tides in my sea alone

It was foolish to wear itar
What he inhaled was me alone

My body yearned till I found
the pleasure in me alone

As I opened the book I saw
Shiuli lying carefree alone

In the words that I pen
It’s him I see alone

Listen, says Annu, I love what I lost
And it’s kind of perfect to be home alone.

Annu Anand

Annu Anand is a passionate advocate for reading and literacy and works as a library consultant, while also running an infrastructure business. She writes poetry and prose in both Hindi and English.

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