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 Write & Beyond is committed to sustaining a caring, thoughtful and reflective literary culture through interactions between readers and writers, and by  especially encouraging amateur writers with the support of a readers and writers community.

Welcome you to our website and we hope you will stay on and join us in our many endeavours.

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What Does Write & Beyond Offer?

Writing Workshops & Reading Events

Thoughtfully researched, designed and curated especially for amateurs, these workshops, courses and events are particularly informative, enjoyable, and memorable.

Online magazine of creative writing

The Write & Beyond Magazine welcomes fresh creative writing for its quarterly issues and offers the opportunity for ongoing mentoring to writers whose submissions are shortlisted.

Mentoring, Community, Connection

An opportunity to grow in creative and literary awareness, a platform to hone creative thinking and writing, and the intimacy of a supportive group. Our community holds members close, while they work on books, blogs, advocacy work, screen adaptation of a debut novel, converting a film script into a book, and many other deeply meaningful career and personal transformations.

Publishing debut with our own Imprint

Escape Velocity

Escape velocity (2018), a short-story collection, is Write & Beyond’s first in-house publication. This is an anthology of diverse, contemporary short stories written by thirteen of our members. The works were ideated, developed, revised, and edited over a series of workshops held through most of 2018. Saikat Majumdar and Devapriya Roy were the creative advisors on each of the stories.

The book has been received very positively by readers and reviewers and is available for sale worldwide through Amazon, Flipkart,, and in select local bookshops. It is noted for its relatable characters, accessible stories, and refreshing perspectives built around the quotidian.


Write Your Life

‘As a writer, you should not judge. You should understand’ Ernest Hemingway.

As you script your own story, the power of understanding yourself and your choices and your goals is just as important. With a little help, this process can be more fun, and less confusing.


Through 22nd, 29th Nov,  6th December 2020

Kiranjeet Chaturvedi: Columnist and Founder of Write & Beyond – readers and writers collective and a publishing imprint.
Nirupama Subramaniam: Certified Life-Coach, Columnist, Best-Selling Author

Rs. 10,000 + 18% GST = Rs. 11,800 /-
(This includes 3 Zoom Sessions of a total of 8 hours, reading materials, and 1 post-workshop email consultation)

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Brand Story

Write & Beyond has grown as a literary community at the intersection of two intentions: to foster creativity and literary culture through thoughtful community, and to nurture literary awareness  and skills among amateur, aspiring writers.

With a team of wonderfully supportive creative writing mentors and literary figures as advisors, we help amateurs and emerging writers find realistic, continuous, sustained guidance and tools to grow in craft, insights, and creative power.

The Write & Beyond magazine and Write & Beyond publishing imprint are unique publishing platforms in that they are built on the ongoing workshop concept, and detailed feedback and revisions are part of their creative development process.